Strengths of SuperBunny

Want to grow bigger carrots? SuperBunny is really a bunny with many possibilities and strenghts. There are several good reasons to fall in love with her! SuperBunny is scalable, nature friendly and has a worldwide market area. She has an appealing name, sympathetic outlook and charming personality – this makes many possibilities in marketing and storytelling. Have a look at the list of strenghts on this page and read more detailed information of SuperBunny’s IPR and trademark registrations below.

Intellectual property

  • EU, USA & South Korea trademark registrations
  • WIPO trademark registration pending in Canada, Japan & China
  • Registered web sites & social media accounts
  • Brand concept

Business plan

  • Business idea & potential: products & target groups, customer need & value, competitive advantages & differentiation, marketing communication plan, etc.
  • Scalable: 15 registered classes & dozens of product ideas – many possibilities in product lines

Easy to understand & easy to love

  • Appealing name & interesting story
  • Sympathetic outlook & charming personality 
  • Sustainability & nature friendly
  • Many possibilities in marketing & storytelling

Worldwide market area

  • Large market areas, target groups & business potential in the EU, USA, Canada, Japan, South Korea & China
  • Possibilities to grow to the Biggest Bunny in the world

Bunny with strong IPR value & many possibilities

SuperBunny’s valuable intellectual property consists of trademark registrations in 15 product classes. These registrations are active in the EU area since 8.5.2021, and with the same priority date and the same 15 product classes also in the USA (registration date 21.2.2023) and in South Korea (registration date 1.10.2023). They are also active by WIPO 27.9.2021, pending in Canada, Japan and China. SuperBunny has also an attractive brand concept, several registered web sites and social media accounts in Facebook, LinkedIn, X (Twitter), Instagram, Youtube and TikTok.


EUIPO, USPTO & WIPO trademark registrations