SuperBunny is a positive bunny character with many superpowers

SuperBunny is a positive bunny with charming personality, sympathetic outlook and an appealing name. SuperBunny has many superpowers and strenghts. She is easy to love: she brings joy, happiness and energy to peoples’ lives. SuperBunny is scalable, nature friendly and has a worldwide market area. Read more about SuperBunny’s Business Plan, Brand Book and Intellectual Property on this page.

SuperBunny’s Business Plan

What makes people fall in love with SuperBunny? The SuperBunny Business Plan reveals the business idea and the business potential, the customer need, how do we fulfil it and what kind of value we create to the customer. It shows our competitive advantages and how do we differ from others. There are also many other interesting and valuable elements: mission, vision and purpose, target groups and pricing, product and design ideas, and marketing communication plan.

SuperBunny’s Business Plan includes:

  • Business idea
  • Products & target groups
  • Customer need & value for the customer: what problem do we solve
  • Competitive advantages & differentiation: what makes us so special – what are SuperBunny’s superpowers
  • Mission, vision & purpose
  • Target markets
  • Product & design ideas
  • Marketing communication plan: goals & ways
  • Pricing

SuperBunny’s Brand Book

SuperBunny’s Brand Book describes the brand concept and brand guidelines: SuperBunny story, brand promise, emotions and ratio, charming personality in detail and symbolics internationally. Tone of voice is the way SuperBunny thinks and talks, and is used in all kinds of brand communication trough marketing material to packaging. Graphic guidelines show all the logo types, typography, colours and pictures, and give instructions how to use these elements.

SuperBunny Brand Book includes:

Brand concept

  •    SuperBunny story
  •    Personality & symbolics
  •    Brand promise
  •    Brand emotions & ratio
  •    Tone of voice

Brand & graphic guidelines

  •    Logos
  •    Typography
  •    Colours
  •    Pictures

SuperBunny’s Intellectual Property

SuperBunny has valuable intellectual property, which covers registered trademark in 15 product classes in the EU, in the USA & in South Korea, and an active trademark registration in key WIPO countries. SuperBunny has also registered web sites and social media accounts in Facebook, LinkedIn, X (Twitter), Instagram, Youtube and TikTok.

SuperBunny’s Intellectual Property includes:

  • an EU, USA & South Korea registered trademark: 15 classes
  • an active WIPO trademark registration:
    15 classes (pending in Canada, Japan and China)
  • Registered web sites & social media accounts